Sunday, 8 January 2012

ím вαck αgαín!!! ♥

Hey everyone,

I think you might of gave up on my blog beacuse I haven't been on this for a long while, the last post was on Tuesday the 25th October 2011 that was a long couple of months ago... I so sorry but I have been busy with homeworks eventhough i still go on Ambea Pico everyday. Lots of things have happened I changed my name again... also I have a new bf, I might tell you more about him, but i'm not sure yet. My new name is  ♥uǝʞɔıɥɔ ɹǝdns  crazy name right? I'm my crazy like that :D I know I was surpose to put pictures of my ex husband but beacuse i'm not with him the past is the past :)

I love my bf hes lends me his happiness whenever i'm upset :)

Thank you for reading i will put some pictures now seeming as i have some time :)


rσσm pícturєs :)

 So here are the Pictures I have promised to upload these pictres are new pictures so hope you enjoy, if you want to be on my blog and take pictures just add me and I will do my best :)
♥uǝʞɔıɥɔ ɹǝdns  is my name just copy and paste and you will find me beacuse i'm on everyday, anyway back to on the pictures enjoy :)

This is my new room is was surpose to be a hotel but sorta failed it looks more like a normal room but bigger with more beds and stuff lol :D
Here i'm going to show you each floor in my room so you can see it better/detailed:

This as you know is the ground floor...

This is the pink first floor room...

This is the second floor which is a small blue room...

The third room which is a purple room its surpose to be a V.I.P room...

This is the bathroom as you can tell ...

So this is the last room/floor which is a dj room, make sure you check my room out and ring and favourite me beacuse i will do the same back :)

Thank you for seeing my room pictures i will be putting on more pictures with me and my friends and hopefully YOU too :)

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

ツ I'm back !!! ツ

Hi everyone! , 
 As you know people, i havent wrote on my blog since a very long while ago and now i'm back :) I have so many things to tell you since the last time i wrote on my blog. I have become so much happier because of lots of things, i have so much more friends if you havent added me feel free to, my name is: ★¢αиdч_ βabу★  If you didnt know this name has been changed beacuse of 3 reasons: 1) someone stole my old name 2) my husband helped me with this name ( i will tell you more about him later ) 3) i love this name! also i have a husband whos very nice, i have a better room which is hopefully turning into a hotel soon! lastly i have a another panda shes pink and is called ♬♪Ðömö♬ ♪ 

And now i'm going to show you some pictures of my friends and my husband, me and my husband has been taking pictures/photos everywhere on pico so hope u enjoy the pictures :)
p.s  if you want to be on my blog add me and just ask beacuse i want to use my blog more often.

ツ thank you if your a follower or who reads my blog ツ

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

☺ my pets ☺

i have 2 pets a panda and a dog i wish to have more but havent got enough ag at the moment. my pink dog is called ♥ candy ♥ and my light brown panda is called CaяaMel ☆  hope you people like the names if not comment and tell me what names you would call my pets :)

Monday, 30 May 2011

★ my new room ★

my new room in room 1

 my new room in room 2

still is under consturtion though anyone like my red rabbit? lol  :)

♥ ameba pico♥

hi everyone,
my name is jenny, im 15 years old and i like listening to music♫ also having fun with my friends and meeting new people on pico :)

im sure you all like pico and so do i, i will be putting on more pictures of me and my friends on pico and this will be like a dairy of what is like happening while im on pico♥

hope you all enjoy reading and looking at the pictures on this :)