Sunday, 8 January 2012

ím вαck αgαín!!! ♥

Hey everyone,

I think you might of gave up on my blog beacuse I haven't been on this for a long while, the last post was on Tuesday the 25th October 2011 that was a long couple of months ago... I so sorry but I have been busy with homeworks eventhough i still go on Ambea Pico everyday. Lots of things have happened I changed my name again... also I have a new bf, I might tell you more about him, but i'm not sure yet. My new name is  ♥uǝʞɔıɥɔ ɹǝdns  crazy name right? I'm my crazy like that :D I know I was surpose to put pictures of my ex husband but beacuse i'm not with him the past is the past :)

I love my bf hes lends me his happiness whenever i'm upset :)

Thank you for reading i will put some pictures now seeming as i have some time :)


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